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Another experiment video, this time Futsal! Very rough around the edges but was simply a test!


Hi there

Been a while since I posted writing up on here so no time like the present!

Well its been a very busy and strange month and half, full of mixed emotions and good/bad fortune, but Im in this game of life to stay positive so lets focus on the good!!

As my photos, that I have posted, show, I am very busy photographing football, following the ups and downs of Ilkeston and also Derby Futsal. Its great following IFC even if there form is struggling a little bit. I am seeing different parts of the country and meeting a variety of different people! I have been enjoying trips to Stafford, Stourbridge, The Fylde Coast and Belper (although could go there anytime seeing as its a stones throw away!). I think a moment that proved how mad I am was when I was sat eating a McDonalds, in a car park, in Stafford, before going to photograph 7th tier football, on a cold Tuesday night, and absolutely loving it!! I do get the most glamorous gigs!! That hard work is paying off however as I now have a double page spread in the match day programme, ‘Stephenson’s Snapshots!!’ There is very little more thrilling than seeing your work being published in such a way!!

The other amazing part with the work I am doing with Ilkeston is that I have an exhibition opening soon! I have a small selection of pictures that I will be showing off at the Erewash Museum, Ilkeston, with opening night on the 29th November. It will be running until the end of January so if you are in Derbyshire, GET YOURSELF DOWN TO IT!!!!!

Futsal is something that I am very new to, I had heard of it but not really seen it. I have learned what a fantastic sport it is. As I said earlier I am following the fortunes of Derby Futsal and like Ilkeston really enjoying it! They are in a national league and so far I have been able to travel to Manchester and Hull, with trips to Sheffield, Liverpool and Middlesbrough to come! I have also been keeping track of the recent Futsal World Cup which finished yesterday with Brazil beating Spain 3-2 after extra time! The technical ability of the players at that level is something else and its amazing to watch!

With all that going on and Uni work on top as well its a very busy time and Im looking forward to having a few days off at Christmas so I dont have to much to think about!! But there is a lot of work to do until then as well as the small case of me turning 21 on Sunday!! AHHH IM GETTING OLD!!!!!

I have also been having a tinker with my website so check that out!

Anyway enough of my ramblings for now! Remember try to get down to my exhibition in Ilkeston, The Erewash Museum!!

Ta ta for now

Keep Smiling


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