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Good To Be Back

Hi There

Been a little while since I last spoke on here and feels right now seeing as I am sat nice and comfortably in my house in Derby!! This is home to me now and as soon as I have stepped on Derbyshire soil I already feel I have my mojo back that I seemed to lose back in Newbury!!

The only thing I have really enjoyed over the last 6 weeks or so since I have been back home was playing Cricket! For the first time in my ‘career’ I was scoring runs getting half centuries and even one full century! Batting for long periods of time like I have done in some situations this season makes me really appreciate what pro cricketers have to go through and how much concentration is required. I am by no means playing anywhere near a top level but even so the focus that is required is still demanding and I could only ever dream to have the levels of concentration that someone like Jonhathan Trott or Alister Cook!

Anyway to more important things, Photography!

Work for myself has been fairly quiet recently. I have given motorsport photography a go which was quiet interesting and gave me the opportunity to try a few different things such as panning, which I hadn’t done a great deal of in the past! I feel like I got some decent shots and its something I think I can develop further and if I ever get the chance to shoot at the Monaco Grand Prix then I think it would be worth it!!

After that I had a week off work which I spent in Derby, Where else?! I went out to Ilam Hall to walk up a big hill and take in the breath taking views! I don’t have a tilt shift lens but tried to do the effect using Photoshop with one of my pictures! Think the picture I used wasn’t the greatest in the world but I sort of got the effect I wanted! I also met up with my friend Vicky and we went to Thors Cave which is in the Manifold Valley! The weather was very mixed to say the least but the views from the cave which is cut into a hill was stunning and worth the walk!

Finally last week with the weather was so good that I took an evening trip to just outside Newbury to capture the sunset! I ended up doing it as a HDR so I captured the whole scene!

I was lucky enough to get myself Paralympic tickets and all I can say is it was possibly the best sporting event I have been to! On Tuesday I was lucky enough to see David Weir pick up his second gold medal in the 1500m. I have never been in a crowd that has made such noise as he came round the final bend! It was a real goosebump moment and one I will never forget! I also saw the 7 a-side football on Friday which although not as dramatic was great fun! I have to say we put on a great show with both the Olympics and the Paralympics and its enough for me to say Im proud to be British and it showed what sport can do for people and how it can inspire so many!!!

I also picked up a book by Richard Booth. His photographs of some GB’s Paralympians are absolutely stunning! The lighting is so strong and powerful but what is so brilliant about the photographs each picture shows the disability of each athlete but also shows the sporting ability these inspirational people have!

Anyway that’s enough for now. Hope to have a few projects coming up so look out for those!

Keep Smiling


Dodging Showers


Well its safe to say the weather is a bit rubbish at the moment! It seems to be a miracle if we see that yellow thing in the sky!! Still that’s no reason to stop photographing, I’ve been rained on before and as a sports photographer its safe to say I will be again so might as well get used to it!!

So what have I been up to? If I’m honest not a great deal! With moving out of the University halls and into my new place a lot of time has been spent sorting that out and getting settled took a bit more of a priority!

Now I am back in Newbury and finding sporting and music events to photograph, safe to say that is easier said than done! I have, as you may have seen, photographed the Olympic Torch coming through Newbury which was a challenge! You need to get a position early so you get the front but then you have to hope you pick the right spot! At that point you already wish you had tried to get press access so you can follow it with out worrying people getting in the way! However I think I got enough decent shots of the torch going through and the kiss and all that so I was fairly happy! Afterwards there were a few things going on including music in the town center! This gave me a chance to practice an area of photography I haven’t had chance to do much of as well as using my new 70-200mm F2.8 lens, which is amazing!! I got results that I am happy with and hopefully that practice will help me when it comes to doing bigger events!

Coming up I have the Northampton Town vs Derby County match at the end of the month and, before that, Ilkeston’s friendlies with Sheffield United and Burton Albion which I am looking forward to, the Ilson games in particular as I get to go back to Derby! I have also some motor sport at Thruxton, hopefully some equestrian and waiting to hear back about horse racing and music events!

On the 21st July I have my first independent exhibition. I am showing off my pictures from Ilkeston’s triumphant Playoff final back in April. I am looking forward to showing this to the Newbury people. I just hope people turn up!! For any Newbury people who come across this post it is at the Town Hall by the Market Square. So pop down!

Anyway thats me done for now.

Keep smiling


Just A Quick One

Hi there

Been a little while! As you may have seen I’ve been busy with a bit of music photography. It’s definitely something I am going to do get into alongside sports photography. Great fun and listen to amazing live music!

Elsewhere I am planning for my little exhibition back home in Newbury! The subject is Ilkeston’s playoff final win over Leek and very much looking forward to it!

Little short of photography shoots at the moment hoping something will come up in the near future though! Thinking of a little trip to Manchester to do some photography and spend time in my favorite city!

Anyway that’s all for now. Time to watch Germany v Portugal in the Euros!

Take care.

Keep smiling.


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